Chevy Crate Motors + Engines + Information

You could build a crate motor. Unless you've built a few, you probably won't know what you're getting. You could be surprised after investing in a lot of parts. What if you build an engine intending to have 450 horsepower, but you only really get 375? Why not go with a proven engine? That's where crate motors come in. Reputable companies build and test the engines to make sure you're getting what the spec's say.

If you like to assemble engines, then there are crate engine kits. Chevy crate engines from GM Performance have a warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles. Warranties can change so look at the official warranty for the engine that you are looking at.

Chevy crate engines are available in many different sizes from the 350 small block Chevy to Big block Chevy engines and many more.

572 620 Horsepower Chevy Crate Engine